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i am legitimately sorry

i cAn’t BREaTHE


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Wow. I forgot again. OTL

3) Least favourite companion: Martha Jones. I liked her much better when she worked for U.N.I.T., but the fact that she left the Doctor purely because he didn’t share the same feelings she had for him was irritating. I’m glad she ended up with Mickey, though.



That’s not the only goddamn reason

And I’m so damn tired of people reducing her to that, as if she had no fucking impetus to leave Ten’s triflin and emotionally abusive ass.

She just got through seeing her family ENSLAVED to a genocidal maniac who so happened to be the same alien race as Ten.

She was on the run from that SAME genocidal maniac for an entire YEAR, with no TARDIS, no Doctor, no NOTHING. All she had was GOD AND HER MIND for a goddamn year.

The woman was HUNTED DOWN by a fucking genocidal maniac and was almost KILLED SEVERAL TIMES by his ass. Hell, she was the last survivor from an ENTIRE COUNTRY THAT WAS BLOWN UP JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS THERE.

All of this happening right after she was TRAPPED in the fucking early 1900s as a goddamn MAID in a VERY RACIST ERA to her as a Black woman

And the whole fucking time she’s emotionally abused by him because he can’t grow the fuck up and actually use HEALTHY COPING MECHANISMS for getting over loss with his pining over a woman who is in another goddamn dimension.

And this man just lost The Master and she is NOT going through that bullshit again. She needs time to heal her damn self. She’s got PTSD out the ass and she needs to fucking HEAL and she sure as hell can’t do that if she stayed with him because he’d be using her as an emotional whipping post. AGAIN.

She got the fuck out and it was the smartest thing she ever did because notice how everybody else fucking DIED when they stayed with his ass.

She left his ashy ass and LIVED ON AND MOVED ON.

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all this excitement almost makes me feel bad for not really keeping up with DW anymore. But I stopped after the amy finale because I was too angry. Welp.

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Noel Clarke’s Instagram is more of a 50th anniversary special than the actual special.

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My morning. A gift for #DrWho fans. You won’t have seen this in a while. You’re welcome. [x]

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…and all of these things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. [x]

Inspired by this and the other gifsets like it, because it occured to me that the woman whom all those traits existed in could very well be Martha Jones. (And many other women too, no doubt, but…MARTHA.)

Hit the gifs for some commentary!

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tv meme [1/5] female characters - Amy Pond

"You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, when you meet them you think, “Not bad. They’re okay.” And then you get to know them and… and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality’s written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful."

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so the universe ended. you missed that.

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No, I think that he’s been a white man eleven times implies that there is a certain limit to how far regeneration goes. And I’m not totally against the idea admittedly. I already said I LOVE Idris Elba. I think John Luther is one of the most compelling characters I’ve seen in television. The only reason I have some reservations is that 1) in everyone’s fan casts for a black actor to play a character Idris Elba always pops up, let’s give some other black actors a shot shall we? 2) If the doctor’s race can regenerate every cell in their body, then why is he always a white man? I actually think there’s a continuity reason there.
And for the record, I’m not opposed to doing famous white characters as black people. Sherlock & Watson, go for it! Bruce Wayne, why not? James Bond, kick ass! Kal-El, who says we can’t? Peter Parker, sure thing! The doctor, hmm, maybe not.

Uh, that’s not called a continuity reason. That’s called a “this industry sucks at decent representation 90% of the time.”

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Are we special or just weird?: captkylej: aforaffort: confusedtree: In all seriousness Idris Elba as…




In all seriousness Idris Elba as the 12th Doctor would be a great casting choice because he’d kill it and we’d get to find out just exactly how many anglophiles are also gigantic racists

#I already know the answer and it’s ”too many”

gonna take a wild fucking guess here but probably because he’s been the same race for *fifty years* and so a race switch doesn’t entirely make sense

he had eyebrows for like 47 years and yet matt smith has managed to shake that up so WHY THE FUCK NOT HAVE A SKIN COLOR CHANGE DUDE IS A FUCKIN ALIEN.

ppl throw amy under the bus for the most bullshit reasons.  I think that he storyline was fucked by moffat but when people think she is some sort of brat like get out of heeeeere.

“What’s Wrong With Stephen Moffat?”
Rebloggable by request

Um as accurate as some of this is, this bit:

Amy is a horrible, terrible, awful character.  She’s bitchy and entitled and always gets herself into trouble.  She’s also whiny and constantly a damsel in distress.  There are negative traits of a strong, independent archetype and spoilt, dependent archetype rolled into one character.  She’s an unrealistic character, and she’s also a generally horrible person.  She’s just awful to Rory, who does nothing but love her.  She even tries to cheat on Rory the night before her wedding.

Is fucking stupid and you should feel stupid, OP.  What a load of bullshit.


OMG I’M SCREAMING i saw this on noel’s instagram ahhhh